Wednesday, 6 October 2010

vroom room


The boy has done very well here. The room is great. Spacious. Own en-suite with shower, toilet. Nice big window, well ventilated, so much cooler with windows that actually open (rare in these places). The room is at the end of a corridor, with a proper wooden door that can keep out zombies.

I have laid out my extensions leads out in an obsessive row and we have iPad, laptop, blackberry and DAB radio all at arms reach.

And as an extra treat, chemo 'proper' doesn't start until first thing tomorrow, so I get a night to unwind and enjoy the relative silence.

My Taurean stubbornness pays off bigtime.

As I said before ... dont fuck with my Chi.


Simon said...

*high five*

Anonymous said...

Here's to your Chi ! :-)
Rest & sleep well - Lesley x

Rachel said...

is the old lady tapping at the window?

Anonymous said...

Love you man, sleep well. By the way, if they spent half as much time sorting out your cancer as they did frilling up the edges on yesterdays vegetable pie, you'd be fixed by now... :) Rob. x