Wednesday, 27 October 2010

time off for good behaviour

Result. Extra week off from hospital. I asked and I received. I asked because this week has been all 'worky' and I wanted an actual mini-break before I got back into solitary.

I'll go to Worthing Sunday night to stay for a few nights with me besty chum Simon to eat seeds, fish'n'chips and catch some fresh sea air.

I'll be back around Thursday, to finish off in the office and then start round 2 of the chemo.

Its not all plain sailing. I'm rough today. Had the ol' sidepain growing a lot. Sitting a work desks is not good for it. Didn't sleep so good last night but overall I'm 'stable' and looking forward to some quality time away from the usual sofa and work scene. No offence, scene.

Yip yip

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