Wednesday, 27 October 2010

alcoholics anonymous 'chair' - 26.10.10

I gave a 'chair' last night at a North Watford meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. A chair is a 20-30 'life story' of how AA changed a person. Usually following a simple pattern of 'what is was like', 'what I did in AA', ' what it's like now'. The aim is not to 'show off' how well you're doing, but to help the newcomer identify with the illness, the drinking stories and chaos (although everyones story is different) and hopefully realise that recovery is possible from what they see and hear in front of them.

Although not a very active member of AA recently, the group fundementally saved and then totally changed my life.

Here is the 30 min audio file for my AA friends overseas and for anyone else who is interested in listening to 'my story'.

The file is downloadable - if you are in AA and you think my chair has a message, please download and distribute to any newcomers or AA members facing illness that you feel it might help. To download - click the little black down arrow on the right of the widget and save the MP3 to your computer - as you can with most songs available on my full SoundCloud page.

Also, feel free to leave comments and 'share back' - AA'ers and non-AA'ers alike.

I hope to God I never have to go for another job interview - how publically wide-open is my life?!

Enjoy ...

AA Chair 26.10.10 by Delete All Contacts


Simon said...

Thanks for sharing your share with us. Nice to hear you battling through the fog of chemo, neutrophenia and opiates to work the crowd in your own unique style.

I laughed very hard at the "Don't do a ten day silent retreat" thing. I must admit that I did wonder at the time but, not knowing anything about recovery, I figured you knew what you were doing...

TeckyGirl said...

You shared a solid message of recovery, I enjoyed it on the way to work this morning in the car. Thank you for sharing.

Dave DIXON said...

Still think of you Spencer. Listening to your chair again & shared it with people I think you are still helping after you have gone.

RIP Spencer.