Sunday, 3 October 2010

back to my bedlam

Well, I'm back. Back on a bed on the same ward I was on but a few nights ago, staring out at a new collection of soon-to-be-dead-no-matter-what-treatment-you're-given faces, with an average age of like really, really fucking old, dude.

Tonight I sleep with the masses, on ward. Tomorrow, they shall find a side-room for me, although every time someone 'confirms' this, they have the look in their eye of a teenager who promises to be home by nine.

I'm in a really good mood. Can you fucking believe that? I feel better than I have for a while and found myself wanting to fire up the ol' music studio today. The knock to my system of the Central Line procedure is fading and some energy is returning. Patchy still, but better than it was. This coming week would have probably been quite productive but, as I am becoming used to now, the minute I am OK, 'they' smash me down again.

And how smashing will a week of non-stop chemo be? Probably quite smashing indeed.

I guess there's only one way to find out. Deep breath.

Here we go again ...


Anonymous said...

i have everything crossed Mr. Steel. Love you lots and make sure you enjoy winding the nurses up. They do love it, and you know it. I'll be thinking of you xxxxxxx Jo xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you Spence, and for success this week! And you've got the new Jimmy album to help get you through right?!? Laura xxx