Monday, 11 October 2010

day 4 complete

And so on to the last day of treatment.

In theory I could get out today, but one thing I've learnt about these places is that you're not out until you're out. There is a familiar expression off "we'll just keep you in for one more night..."

I'll take the advice of the chief heomotologist later, who will be doing his rounds. In the meantime, I'm still be pumped with a good 5 hours of fluid to go.

I feel a bit sick, tired and very fat. I feel horrid. I'm still 80kg and my normal weight is 72. I'm being prescribed some pills to help take off the bloat.

One thing I can tell you, it can't be water retention, as every 50 mins I woke last night to 'piss in the bottle' (every output has been collected over the last 5 days). I reckon I filled 5 litre bottles last night, as my body tried to pump out this non-stop fluid poison. The broken sleep doesn't really help matters, but again, I'm not too bad.

I really want a shower. 5 days of being tied to this damn machine has meant the closest I've got to a wash is using baby wipes. I dream of a spa treatment, a sauna and a gentle swim. I'm naturally quite a clean person and lying in a damn bed without the ability to freshen up adds to the 'meh' of it all.

Still, onwards. It will be good to get out of here, get a bath at home, a nap, get some lunch hin town and see some friends. If I can keep well during the neutropenic phase I will be very, very pleased. We shall see.

The depressing thought that niggles at the back of my mind, is that even if I do get out today or tomorrow, it will only be a matter of days before I'm preparing to do the whole thing again.

You almost get used to it. Almost.

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RC said...

Once you get to neutopenia they should give you some decent meals. Well different anyway. I was taken off the hospital slop for a week and given, what was essentially microwaved curries and chinese food. The only low point being the microwaved mixed grill. Euugh!