Monday, 11 October 2010

im here all week, folks

As usual, the optomism given to me, was smashed a few hours later.

I'm going nowhere for a week or so, whilst we wait for the big neutropenic drop-off, expected on Wednesday. I will be expected to feel like death and battle some infections and ... Well, we will see.

Then home for a week and then return to repeat the whole process.

I should get unhooked from this machine soon, be able to get a shower and shave and go for a waddle around the grounds and suck down some fresh air.

I'm obviously a little dissapointment but I know in my heart that it's the right decision. If I go home, I'll only be back here in a day or two battling for a bed.

So that's it. I am mentally preparing for a week of cabin fever and a deeper exploration of the NHS dinner menu.

I can't seem to be able to leave you with a punchline at the moment. There aren't too many to be found in these four walls.


RC said...
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RC said...

Yeah I know that feeling. You really are best being kept in and managed by a team that know what they are doing rather than going home, getting a fever, and being re-admitted via A&E. For a start they'll leave you in drafty rooms while they run tests on you that you know more about than they do.

Then you'll get admitted onto any old ward or corridor that has beds.

At least you have your room now. It sucks that you're there but at least its yours