Wednesday, 6 October 2010

no way out

Sadly, it looks as if my time is up and I'm going to have to start this sodding treatment, despite all my best efforts to avoid it. Hydration is starting now and will take 6 hrs, followed by the main event ... a 5 day chemo-blast. Five days suddenly seems like a very long time indeed.

A side-room is being prepared, so I will be able to puke, shit, cry, swear and start fist-fights with pretentious doctors without disturbing the men who live in cats.

On the plus side, the pre-chemo rest has done me good. I'm feeling a lot better than I was when I came in, so hopefully I'm starting from a fitter place. On the other hand, no amount of fruit salad is going to help you out in the event of nuclear fallout, but it's a ray of hope I'll take with me into the darkness.

Wish me luck. There's nowhere else to go but down ...


RC said...

Good luck; thinking of you.

TeckyGirl said...

Good luck! Will be thinking of you. Glad to hear the room is being prepped. Keep posting if you can. Xx

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that the luxury suite is almost ready for you - sending love, strength and peace your way - lesley x

Simon said...

Good luck mate.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Love ya xxx