Friday, 15 October 2010

no, you shall not have too much good news ...

Just received a phone call to say that "someone" in my MOT garage has reversed a car into my Audi TT side door. It won't be a customer, it will be the garage team.

Of course, "they will sort it" but for fucks sake, give me a break Lord. I love that car and it was in mint condition. A simple MOT, for God sake.

Well, I guess I was allowed to be in a good mood for about an hour back there .. Far too much pleasure.

Welcome back to the real world, huh.

Shiny things don't stay shiny for long.

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Anonymous said...

Most of us in the united states are unfamiliar with the term MOT, at least I had to look it up. For US folks it is like our state inspection.

But I wouldn't get too bummed over superficial damage, any body shop can make it look spankin new. Much better to have a low speed scrape like that than something that has damaged the car throughout. This way, in the end it will look and drive just like it did.