Wednesday, 13 October 2010

bleurgh and meh

Almost forgot about you out there.

Last night the nausea and sickness ramped up and I filled a bowl or two. More mercifully, I managed to clear out from the other end as well ... Much needed.

This morning I was pretty dead to the world and nurses, hardly being very helpful or social. Leave me alone mode.

As the hours went on, things got better. I somehow managed to get a shower, even though I can't stand up still due to this low blood pressure. Thankfully there is a seat in the shower, so I got a rinse and a freshen up. It's the small things.

My father came to visit and it was good to see him. Oddly.

This afternoon I have been working on my music website. Well, I say I've been working on it but the actual website is being designed for me by a really cool chap who I have never met who came to me from a music forums and volunteered to help build the site. He's in another country (not even sure where) and so getting things finalised can be a bit tricky. Today my best mate Simon helped us both out and we tied up a load of loose ends. None of this really means anything to you, nor is it very interesting, it's just a rambling point that somehow I'm managing to keep stimulated and thinking.

I'm feeling very grateful tonight for people like Simon in my life. People who just seem to have a never-ending tap of kindness and time for me. When your life exists in-between 8 foot walls, people like Simon make you feel like there are no walls there. True mates.

I'm going now. Grateful for another day without things crashing to hell. I did wonder this morning, but so far ...


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