Thursday, 10 June 2010

R-Chop - first cycle

I am back at home on the chemo couch, feeling a little nauseous but I'm OK.

The good news is that the treatment was relatively painless. It was a long day, the first antibody took 4 hours to drip in. There was then four big syringes to push in (each takes about five mins) and a whole bunch of tablets.

I wretched a couple of times, feel rough throughout but it was not the drama that AVDB was (remember I don't have a PICC line anymore).

I'm not going to write much, as I don't want to think about as it still makes me feel a bit sick - but just to let you know that 'it went'.

Thanks for the texts, emails.


Malcolm said...

well done Spence
we are all thinking of you

Rachel said...

glad it went ok x