Saturday, 19 June 2010

Long weekend

... (to follow from below) ...

I'm here until Monday at least. Bollocks.

X-rays reveal a lot of trapped wind (which has been causing pain and discomfort and is more 'serious' than it sounds, so stop sniggering at the back) and a shadow over the left abdomen side - which could be operation scars or a chest infection.

I have to stay until my white cell count is up, as they don't want me leaving and ending back in here straight away, as I'm not 'better' yet.

I am slowly going insane, as the man in the room next to me shouts/screams every 7 seconds and has been doing it since 5am - I kid you not. I've just demanded to be moved or I'll discharge myself (which I won't) but it is literally driving me insane (your sympathy would be depleted by now, trust me)

God tests me on a daily basis. There are no good days any more. Just OK ones and ones like this where you're staring at a white wall, listening to someone shout at the top of their voice all day, as you contemplate the viability of administering a mercy killing using an NHS disposable razor.

Enjoy your weekend ... Please, for my sake.

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