Tuesday, 22 June 2010

one more sleep?

I saw a doctor this morning. She did the tapping thing on the back that they do so well and said ...

"Well, you do have a lot of fluid in there"

I have no idea what/how this fluid is all about. She explained that it could have been there since the operation. In itself, it will dissipate but it can settle in small pools where bacteria can grow (hence infection). A normal healthy body will sort that all out.

The good news for me is that they really don't want the drain this fluid. *IF* my temperature stays down and my white blood cell count rises (which it should be now I've had 4 days of booster injections) then my body should sort this out.

My temperature this morning was 36.5. That's good, although last night it was 37.7 - which is getting close to the  38 'too much' zone.

My blood has gone away for more tests this morning ... hoping for a high white cell count and a day of low temperature and I 'should' be allowed out tomorrow afternoon.

But to be honest, I've given up hoping about my release date now. It's always pushed back by a day or half a day. The only time I'll realise I'm out is when I'm sucking down some air that isn't flavoured with NHS food, commode odour and death.


Anonymous said...

Ah Spence it doesn't sound pretty, let's hope you keep building all those new white blood cells though and get out of there.

The good news is you'll miss me trying to attack everyone with red and white face paint tomorrow :)

Think smiley thoughts,
Ju x

RC said...

How are the booster injections going? Do the sting like buggery?

Keep at it you'll be out of there soon. Just remember that being in that room, no matter how bad it is, is keeping you alive.