Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hello World!

We tried a portable TV.

No signal.

We tried a DAB radio.

No signal.

We bought a AM/MW/FM portable tuning radio.

No signal.

I begged a good friend to bring me my laptop from my house.

I've sat my Blackberry near the window, receiving 3G. Somehow.

I have tethered my laptop to the Blackberry wirelessly via Bluetooth.

I am streaming live radio and able to browse the web from my bed.

You have no idea how happy this has made me. I am able to listen to the World Cup Live, browse the web, listen to the news, chat on my forums.

I can't survive without a net connection. This room has suddenly gone from isolation hell to HELLO WORLD!


Now, back to the pain ...


Rachel said...

would it be worth investing in a sling box and streaming Sky from your home (assuming you have Sky) to your laptop in hospital? I'm guessing you've probably thought of this already being quite techy but just wondered if it might work?

Anonymous said...

its damn lucky you are a technical genius