Saturday, 19 June 2010

Close call

I'm writing this from a hospital bed on my blackberry. Forgive typos and such like.

I'm going to try to cut a long story short.

Yesterday I went to see my GP about my general stomach discomfort. By the time I got to him (4:30pm on Friday), I was in agony in my stomach area. He examined me and realised it was an infection, he took my temperature and it was 39.5 and instantly got on the phone to book me a place at Watford General AAU unit.

I was driven there and quickly put into a isolated room where a long night being pumped with drugs started. Lots of antibiotics, xrays, blood samples and god-knows-what. My temp hit 40.

The danger of all this, is that I have no immunity - low white blood cells from chemo and no spleen. So an infection can lead to septicaemia very quickly and can be a killer in a day. Hence the panic.

The good news is this morning I'm feeling a lot better and my temp is under control and my stomach is a lot less sore. I've yet to see a specialist today who can tell me where we are at but I know I'll be OK.

I imagine they will want to keep me in all day and therefore probably night.

You kinda do start to wonder what the hell you did in a previous life to deserve all this, but I'm still smiling.

Occasionally through gritted teeth, but still smiling.

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haha said...

Hey man, found you through the FL website and am checking this blog once a while. Hope you got all better soon!

- lolski / ayampanggang