Friday, 25 June 2010

and then there are good days

I am elated.

The last two days my health has shot skyward. I feel almost perfectly normally. The stomach still grumbles but I all my 'guts' have deflated. I can yawn fully without pain, I can cough, I can inflate my lungs fully (which I do 'just for fun'), I can eat very hot curry from an indian restaurant two days on the spin, I can poo properly, I can walk faster, I can almost stand up straight, I can sleep all night, I can feel happy that's Friday ... I feel fucking great.

I want to drive at 110mph listening to Jimmy Eat World, I want to spend a million pound, I want to dive with manta rays, I want to run to run a marathon.

And these, I guess, are the good days.

Next chemotherapy treatment in 6 days.

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RC said...

After I came out (of isolation I mean; not "coo eee!") I said that any day where I had a shower would be classed as a good day.

I think I'll add pooing properly to the makings of a good day.

Nice to see you're feeling well. Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Glad you're having an up day! On the down days, just remember it really is the down days that make the up days worthwhile. Once or twice in my life I had a period where there were no ups and downs, physical or emotional -- just middling.

What I learned from that was (A) I never want to go there again (B) I feel much more "alive" even on the extreme down days (the pain reminds me I am still able to FEEL! and thats good) and (C) without downs we have no need for ups.

So keep today in your mind as you hit chemo next, and look forward to the next thrill of the roller coaster. In some ways you have my envy.