Monday, 21 June 2010


Well, here I am.

I've just been transferred from the Hilton Suite to a down-town Kabul Quality Inn Budget Room. Hideous décor, no toilet and hot. On the plus side I have a lovely view of the air conditioning units on the roofs of Watford General.

There are the 'pay £4 a day' TV's in these side-rooms, but I'll stick to the internet for which I have a great reception. Which is about all I care about to be honest.

I'm in some pain now with the throbbing back issue. There's trouble ahead, I know it.

The doctors are umming and arring about when/if to do my fluid drain. My temperature is up from 36 to 37.2.

I've not expecting to get until Wednesday, although it's been pushed back every day so far. Quite possibly Thursday. Who knows. I'm almost beyond caring. Perhaps I'll become institutionalised. I might start shouting every 7 seconds for the hell of it.


God, it feels quite good ...


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