Monday, 28 June 2010

hair today, gone tomorrow

Ah well.

It finally happened.

Over the last 48 hrs my hair started shedding like a moulting cat. I could just lightly grab a wad, give it a slight tug and out it all came. Running my fingers through it and giving it a shake, would leave leave my hands as covered in the stuff.

The new chemo (r-chop) contains a lot more of the 'red drug', which is the one that makes you lose your hair, apparently. Still, how odd it should happen nearly three weeks since the treatment.

The issue has been resolved by a quick trip to my friendly local salon where they kinda gave me a free buzz cut all over.

I now look like the traditional English Football Yob, which on a day after our pitiful football team were pathetically kicked out of the World Cup, fills me with a kind of duty to go and throw some plastic chairs at some foreigners.

'Av it.

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Simon said...

Stop're scaring me.

Carl said...

Actually, I don't think they have to be foreigners. Third generation English will do, so long as they look or sound a bit foreign.

But despite your new yob look, I hope you continue to feel - and get - better.