Sunday, 20 June 2010

Going down ...


My blood counts are even lower. Both red and white. I'm now neuroplegic neutrophenic and anemic. Both of which are hard to spell.

Blood transfusion coming up and the chances of me getting out tomorrow are about the same as an England / France World Cup Final.

Oh yes, some people have emailed/txt'ed and are confused about the infection and where it comes from. The bottom line is, we'll never know. It could have come from food, air-bourne, anything ... The point is, it would have been something that you wouldn't have noticed if it 'got it', as your immune system would have been able to deal with it.

The sore stomach could be infection, but it could also be post-op stress or the chemo. There's no tests. The infection and the soreness may be unrelated.

Sadly, this could be my world for a while. Chemo will probably always make me neuroplegic and that means I'm wide open to any infection - no spleen is making this situation more of a headache. So, this may not be a one-off.

I hope that helps clear it up. Its hard to get all this across and I'm learning as I go along.

I wish I had more cheery news .. But I'll tell you that I'm feeling 'OK' and am still smiling. If it makes you feel better.

I am currently waiting for someone to drop-off an old-skool radio .. The manual tuning ones .. Because the digital one cannot pick up anything. I have no TV here and if I don't hear some bleeding outside real-world voices and football commentary soon, I may go insane.

I'm glad I'm keeping this blog. I'd never remember all this shit I'm going through .. one day when I'm older I'll look back, read it all and say ...

"I was there."

"And it sucked."
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