Monday, 21 June 2010

better but ...

Hello. I'm still here. In the room.

Last night I had a bag of blood dripped into me and had a far better nights sleep, which resulted in me waking in a better mood.

I finally found out my blood type. Oddly, it's A Positive. I would have put money on B Negative.

Today's problem is the return of the lack of back door action. My last bowel movement was Friday am. Not good. Doctors have been to explain why this is and are going to prescribe something. My lower back is spasming which is obviously related. As I've said many times before, there's always something.

Then something a bit weird happened.

A knock on the door and a porter with a chair, who wheeled me off to ultrasound.

A few moments later, there was an 'X' in white tape stuck to my back.

"What's that for?", they said.
"So they know where to put the needle to drain the fluid"
"What fluid. I know nothing about this"

Back to the room.

I got a visit from two familiar faces from my chemo Unit - two of my key workers and a new, very friendly doctor.

He told me there was some fluid on one of my lungs and below it but if they can keep my infection/temperature down then they won't have to drain. Further X-rays will reveal more later on. I was also told that they want 48 hrs clear of temperature before I'm released. The means I'm not out until Wednesday.

As I write, I am having more blood given. Another couple of hours of this and then .. as I've just been told ... I'm being transferred to a ward, I'm assuming into a side room - it must be.

Obviously, knowing my bloody luck, this room will be a lead-lined concrete side-room in the middle of a ward, in the middle of a building blocking all mobile phone/3G reception, which will be the end of my internet, TV and radio.

As I've said many times before, God clearly hates me.

Say a prayer for me. I will go fucking insane with no connection again.

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Thomas B. said...

Sure there must be somekind of service that gives you internet wherever you have a phone signal right? Probably expensive, but it's important if it allows you to read Suca12's posts ^^ Take care!