Friday, 18 December 2009

Results due 23/12/09

I've just received a phone call to say that my Consultant is expecting the results of my biopsy on Tuesday and they will faxed over to her as soon as they are available. I therefore have an appointment on Wednesday Dec 23rd at 10:30am (this might be delayed by a day if the results aren't ready in time).

Overall, I'm OK ... get tired a bit quickly now - don't have the energy to do too much without needing to retreat to the sofa/bed. Maybe there's nothing the matter with me but I've just falling into some sort of 'student lethargy' mode, as I'm sure this is what I used to do when I was 19.

Was up late last night, as The Ever Growing Huge Pulsating Spleen at the Centre of the Universe decided to push the kidneys aside, like a fat man sitting on a bus, in a bid to claim more room for itself. This left me with a pain in my side, a vaguely familiar feeling from the long-gone days of 5 day round-the-clock drinking sessions. But worse.

In other news, the codeine I'm using to stop the above, is now causing obscene constipation and two nights ago, I gave birth to a large house brick. Sideways.

I never said this blog was going to pretty.

Be grateful I didn't take a photo.

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