Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Night Sweats

One of the 'B' symptoms of this 'situation' is Night Sweats. I've been having them for months now. My (now ex) girlfriend found it so disgusting that I was designated my own special 'wetting duvet', which was the thinnest duvet I could find (tog 2.5) and yet sometimes I would still wake up at 2:00am covered in cold sweat.

I was very happy to find it's a symptom of Lyphoma as it was semi-embarrasing. I seem to get a few days on, a few days off at the 'Night Sweats' at the moment and subsequently, the duvet and pillow case are being washed more than my underwear at the moment.

I've kinda become attached to my wetting duvet. It smells revolting to everyone else but me.

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RC said...

Oo I know the feeling, I hate waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and finding my self drenched in sweat. I'm also glad that its symptomatic of something rather than just being "a sweaty bloke".

I don't have my own quilt but there is always a towel on hand so that I can mop myself down before then just laying on top of the quilt until sometime later shivering forces me to climb back under, by then the sweat has usually dissipated.