Sunday, 20 December 2009

I won't poo when you tell me!

Great news, Rage Against the Machine have made the Christmas Number 1. Incredible story this, a real poke in the eye for Simon Cowell's 'guaranteed' No 1 X-Factor winners. I downloaded about 5 copies myself over the weekend which helped towards the 500,000+ copies that were sold, beating the X Factor single by 50,000.

A bit of a weird confession this, but after listening to the chart countdown (for the 1st time since I was 13) and being in suspense for days about this outcome, when they played Joe's record at number 2 (proving Rage would be number 1), I kinda burst into tears. I'm not too sure what that's about - I haven't done any crying about this whole 'lymphoma' situation, as there really doesn't seem anything to cry about - it just is ... but it's certainly a strange Christmas. With all my 'news', the big snows we've got here and this epic win for Rage, it just seemed to pop out sideways in this fantastic victory. It was oddly important to me. The song itself has been with me since my young day of living in my Woking squat/dosshouse - a seminal tune that we used to jump around to and has been with me my whole life ... but it was more than that I think ... I guess it's just another very strange event in a very strange time for me. I certainly won't forget the Christmas of 2009.

Oh yeah, I won £110 on a bet I place on Rage getting to number 1.

Anyway, possibly even better news than all of this is that the laxatives I have been necking in increasing numbers, have started working in full effect and now I'm looser than Kerry Katona's grip on reality.

In fact, I'm probably a bit too fluid and have been rushing to the bathroom every 15 mins and will probably be dead of dehydration in the morning, but at least my spleen has room to do its expansive thing now.

Now, if you are familiar with the full Rage single, you will appreciate the brilliance of this blog title.

Right, that is enough about my bowel movements - it will not be mentioned again. But it's a learning curve, all of this and a unwelcome little extra I just didn't envisenge when I started popping the ol' pain killers.

Back to work tomorrow. Strangely, looking forward to it.

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Rachel said...

yay, go RATM! The triumph against adverse conditions always brings a tear to ones eye, I find. Not surprised you're a bit emotional right now. Glad the tummy is feeling a bit less full, and hope this week goes ok for you - will be thinking of you x Rach