Sunday, 20 December 2009

My advent calender

Another sleepless night. Hugely irritated by still only being able to lie on my back, like a £15 whore.

I'm watching another fine layer of snow fall, filling in the gaps the people have made and like a child opening windows on an advent calender, I'm counting down the days until the 23rd.

I'm itchy, hot (oddly), insomniaic (which is a word I just invented) and full of shit. Literally.

I hate the nights - I've been up since 8am and still its the same. Itchy, hot, uncomfortable, very awake and very irritable.

Rage Against the Machine bloody better be The Christmas Number One tomorrow, as its been the only real diversion in this otherwise surreal game of the Daily Cancer Advent Calender Window countdown.

I wonder what lies behind window 23.

All over the world, kids are praying for bikes, playstations and barbies. I'm lying wide awake in the dark, praying to be able to take a good shit.


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