Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Pain in the Ass

I had a bone marrow sample taken from my thigh bone today. Don't recommend it.

I famously do not get on with dentists. I fight them. Generally they have to knock me out to get anything done of any substance. It's the anticipation of pain, rather than the pain itself that gets me. That feeling that at any given moment that sharp pointy thing could strike a nerve. I hate it. More than pain itself.

So there I am, with my pants down and my arse out. Waiting. I dare not look at those needles but I know they are big. At each stage of the three pushes it goes down deeper towards my bone, numbing it along the way. But all the numbing in the world doesn't stop me panicing and cletching my face up into a small ball.

It wasn't pleasant. The 'nasty bit' of the procedure took about 10 mins or more - hard to say ... but the bit where they pull out the blood and bone ... oh god, I don't want to write about it anymore because it's making me squeemish again. All you really need to know was that I ended up calling the doctor a 'f**king b*stard', which I later apologied for.

The end result was a small 'worm' of bone marrow and some blood for further investigation.

Apparently, I will have to have to get used to this. As a various time during my chemo sessions they will need to do tests to see how things are coming along.

Pain in the ass.

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