Wednesday, 9 December 2009


It's 02:42 and I'm watching The Jeremy Kyle show. I can't sleep. Actually, that's a lie - I can sleep but I don't like it because I keep having this dream about needles in my spine and it's horrendous.

The bruising of todays little procedure is still twinging a bit in the bone - and I guess that most unnatural feeling is transfering to my dreams. So I've decided that I will attempt to stay away for a while, eat some noodles and watch some car-crash TV.

Not looking forward to hospital tomorrow night to be honest. In fact, 48 hours into this whole 'you've got cancer' thing, I've decided that it definately is rubbish. It was possibly half interesting for a few hours back there. But now, when I sit back and think about it - it is very rubbish.

Speaking of which, Jeremy Kyle is rubbish, too. I've never seen it before, being gainfully employed. But I had been warned. Really ... people ... dignity.

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Jen said...

Time to start sky plussing stuff for middle of nights - I love my sky plus at 4am - I think of you every second i stop - it's last thought, my first when i wake up - weird eh

but am strangely enjoying your blogs, in an odd way, you make me quietly giggle.

Will call later

love you lots