Wednesday, 3 November 2010

the Prophet forsees good times

A new synth. The last synth I will probably ever buy. It's a beautiful Prophet 08 'Pots Editions' ('pots' are the little knobs - you can control everything from the front panel without needing to press lots of buttons to get to hidden features - each parameter has it's own 'pot' - just tweekers paradise).

It completes the 'hardware synth' part of my studio, which now consists of a DSI Mopho Keyboard, a Virus Ti2 Keyboard and the new DSI Prophet. Of course I have plenty of virtual synths in my PC - my love for Spectronics Omnisphere runs deep, but hey ... there's something so much more FUN about knob twiddling vs mouse clicking. We all like to twiddle our knobs. Purile humour is not beneath me.

My Prophet sits perfectly on my new "Ultimate Stand" in my beautiful new studio room. It makes me feel all warm and glowy.

Why am I posting this on my cancer blog ... Because there are some great things in my life and its good to remind myself how lucky I am. My 'toys' make the bits inbetween the pain, joyful.
I've sketched out a new song this afternoon - its a tongue-in-cheek vocal song. Sadly, due to the impending hospital visit it won't be ready for a while, but the song is laid out and will be ready to pick up when I get out of the zoo.

That is all regarding my new synth. I shall be stroking it this evening and then I'm going to attempt to go to work tomorrow. Wish me luck !

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Anonymous said...

Damn Spence, you've got all the gear I wish I had. But you just tease us synthheads with pics and such. When feeling motivated, maybe you could write a post for the other gear sluts and/or FL users, just talking about which pieces of kit you like best, how well FL friendly they are, which ones you use most in your music, etc. I think the average FL user like me only drools over this level of hardware. I tried a Virus once and couldn't get the timing right over USB, wasn't sure if it was my choice of host or what.