Thursday, 4 November 2010


I have some lovely friends.

I've been donated this ultra-comfy leather sofa by one of these lovely, lovely friends.

As with most things in my apartment, the old sofa was included in the flat rental. My flat was a 'show home', designed to sell others in the block. So it had some odd things in it, large silver balls and other such 'art'. And a bloody white sofa.

White furniture that you sit on is never a good idea at the best of times. But when your primary user sweats, dribbles, vomits and falls asleep on you a lot, you become grey and lifeless ... a bit like myself most of the time to be honest. They say you start to look like your sofa after a while, don't they? Or is that dogs?

So, farewell then chemo-couch. We spent some good times together. But let's face it, in the last 12 months we spent a lot of shite times together. But you've been there for me, supporting me, perfectly positioning me to consume more TV in 12 months than I have done in my entire life. You did very, my grey friend. You shall be missed.

Yet again, I've been sweating all night and I'm propped up in bed as I try to write this on my Blackberry and I keep falling asleep with it in my hand. I might move to the sofa in a bit, as I figure being leather, when I sweat all over it, I will gentle slide off it onto the floor. I think I might enjoy that. Weeee.

So, "thank you" so much Ms.F, for the sofa. Or The Kemo-Kouch as he shall be known. He's amazing. And thanks also to Ms.T. and the gang of Real Men who seemingly effortlessly made the old sofa 'go away' and this new one 'appear'.

Charity, it would appears, begins at my home.


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Anonymous said...

I'm digging the inside of your place.. but yeah, leather is the only way to go. Even without kemo-related vomiting and sweating, most people have issues that make any sort of light colored cloth upholstry infeasible (kids, dogs, etc). In fact, my dog made my previous dark colored cloth furniture infeasible (it was black and needed constant cleaning for little brown hairs and snot balls). With leather you just let it go.. all the bodily fluids are actually good for the leather. Occasional wiping down with leather treatment etc keeps it softer over the long haul.