Tuesday, 13 July 2010

RIP John Worsfold

Thank you John for being so supportive of my recovery from alcoholism, my battle with cancer and all the ventures I embarked on. And thank you for looking after Mavis for all these years.

You were always a kind, bitingly funny, generous and warm man, who I really enjoyed getting to know better in the last few years. 

I won't forget the holidays you took me on as a child - and how patient you were with this precocious little brat.

My only regret is that we lost contact during my wilderness years, but it was a pleasure and a joy to rediscover you in later life.

You will be sorely missed - I've lost probably the biggest blog fan I will ever have. You even printed out the pictures of my spleen - now that is a true follower. I hope somewhere you get to read this.

Rest in peace now, John. You led a great, great life.

See you soon.



lisijay said...

Thanks for your kind words Spence. His loss was a huge knock to us all. Mercifully his illness was very short although dramatic and I am relieved he didn't hang on for too long. Now we must concentrate on our own recovery and supporting Mavis through this journey.
Once again you have moved me to tears, but then that doesn't take much these days. Lots of love to you. Take care, Lisa x

Simon said...

I didn't know John but he sounds like one of the good guys.

He'd have to be to put up with you.

My thoughts go out to you and anybody close to him.