Sunday, 4 July 2010

more traps

Here's a simple video I made this morning for my "Traps" single, which should be appearing for download from iTunes, Amazon and others in the coming weeks. I'll keep you posted and you can all reward me for my obvious endless talents.

Don't forget you can change the setting to '720p' once you've hit 'play', which gives better quality. And then hit the 'Full Screen' icon.

A simple video full of stolen, cheesy images from The Internets, but hey, fuck it ... what did you do this morning at 8am, huh?

Enjoy ...

1 comment:

stevetanner55 said...

Randomly discovered your site via the image line forums. Prefer not to start with the 'how inspiring..' spiel but glad I discovered the blog and want to offer my own (stranger's) encouragement to a fellow music lover for what you're going through. Like the song. It brought a lump to my throat - the story resonates with me. I bought FL Studio a couple of months ago so just finding my way. Great fun though!