Sunday, 18 July 2010

"There Is Always Hope"

Here is a rather chilled tune I created this weekend ... Plug in some headphones, turn it up and close your eyes. Enjoy ... There Is Always Hope by DeleteAllContacts


Anonymous said...

It sounds nice, what synths were used?

Simon said...

Just figured out what that opening synth note reminds me of:

Doodleedoodledoodlee do.
I'm in love with you
Want you to love me too
FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL the melody that's in the air.

The Kemo Kid said...

To Anon ...

Synths used ...

Virus Ti2 (pads, sequences)
Omnisphere (pads, guitar)
Trilian (bass)
RMX (drums)
Tetra4 (lead hook in break)
Kontakt4 (flute)