Monday, 26 April 2010

nice one, mum

38 years and 9 months ago, my dad came home drunk from the pub one night and flopped on top of my mum. About 3 minutes later, a determined sperm swam towards an egg, with a single purpose in it's short, wiggly life. A while after that, I appeared in all my glory, albeit in a slightly simpler form than I am today. Roughly 9 months after that forgetful evening, I was dragged, totally against my will, out into the world, whereupon I would take-out my general dissatisfaction of being woken from my state of unborness upon the world in a perpetual state of general irritation and grumpiness until such a time where I would be left alone again with the great oneness from where we truly are happy.

However, you can't undo the past and as much as I wish that my dad had just tossed one into the sink that night somedays, here I am in all my cancerous and sober glory, at the somewhat no-mans-land age of thirty bloody eight.

A few years ago, I made a tribute video to my mum and stuck it up on YouTube. It was quickly taken down again, as I used the music from a copywrited song (Jimmy Eat World, 'Here,You,Me', but I noticed recently it had magically reappeared, with the publishing company realising that they could make money by providing a link to 'buy the song' on all 'fan videos' - (from the full YouTube site).

A lot of my friends have seen it before, but my new readers wouldn't have.

Nice one mum ... thanks for the last 38 year of madness. I'll see you soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Spencer! Sending lots of love and healing your way!

RC said...

Happy Birthday. It was mine on Saturday. Another year older, an age I thought I might not see.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing this again, still makes me cry x

de la Mancha said...

Woah, I have to stop reading your blog at work. Crying at my desk is kind of hard to explain. It's a beautiful gesture.

Anonymous said...

wow Spence, powerful stuff.Thanks for showing photos of sis. It makes me want to look through my photo albums to find more. xx

Anonymous said...

Spence is not feeling well the last couple of days. Hope you are OK my friend, I think about you every day.