Monday, 12 April 2010

like a shaved peach

Something occured to me the other day. Chemo has a benefit. No, I'm not talking about that whole 'curing cancer' thing which people keep banging on about, but I'm talking about a far more impressive side-effect ... the complete lack of ear and nasal hair.

As a man of a certain age, I had discovered that in the last few years, that rogue hairs had been sprouting out of orifices that I would prefer they didn't. Tough, thick hairs. Hairs that make your eyes water a little as you pull them out. Quite satisfying in many ways, but when you notice the complete absence of them, you do appreciate your new peachy status.

Just this morning, I flared my nostrils at the mirror and took a satisfied look down into the smooth cavern walls - as hairless as the front row of a JLS concert.


And my ears - fantastic - no pieces of wire-wool poking out at impossible angles, attracting small woodland creatures to perch upon ...

And my eyebrows, which were often in need of 'Ground Force' type tending to, are thinned out and baby-soft - no more pulling at deeply embedded sprouts on their journey towards the sun.

So, there you have it ... one of the many benefits of Chemotherapy. Don't you just wish you were having it too? It saves a fortune on personal hygiene products ....

And then there's my downstairs area, it's like


Jen said...

What about on top of your head??

The Kemo Kid said...

It's thinning pretty rapidly but you wouldn't really notice. Lots of hairs in the sink.

My father is obsessed by hair loss. It's all he every asks about.

I don't think he'll believe I've got proper cancer until I look like Matt Lucus.