Thursday, 1 April 2010

the most depressing thing in the world

... is a flat iPod, flashing its cheery dead-battery icon at me, when I'm in the Chemo Unit, resigned to the fact that I am now forced to, yet again, listen to the never ending conversations about bone marrow, blood, scrapes, urine and such like. I'd pay £20 for an iPod charger.

The good news is that thanks to Lorazepam, I don't feel so sick. I've had an xray this morning as they are concerned that my PICC line has come out to far ... Just waiting to see those results before the poisoning can start properly.

Bored. And music-less.

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Rachel said...

nightmare bout the flat Ipod, if only i was in the vicinity with a charger to hand I could make a killing! Your comment about JLS made me laugh out loud.. see, somethings ARE worse than chemo i'm sure. Anyway, just to say have a 'happy' Easter or at least I hope it goes as well as it can and that you can manage to get at least a tiny bit of chocolate down. I'm off to get very cold and wet climbing Mount Snowdon. Nice :-( x

vincent said...

Aw man I'm gutted to hear your news.
I used to read your straight edge blog a couple of years ago and you were and still are an inspiration to me.
I know you have the strength and will to deal with this motherfucker and I'm just rooting for you spence. I like the way you
can even make the subject of cancer a humourous topic!
I've bookmarked your page so am gonna keep coming often to say hello.
dltbgyd. Michael. coventry