Friday, 16 April 2010

Look out ... it's Radioactive Cancer Man!

Today I was made radioactive so I could have a PET/CT scan. Just another ridicolous episode in my ridicolous life.

I was injected with a radioactive material and told to wait in a room for an hour. When you think about it, we put an enormous amount of trust in these people.

"Just stick this egg up your anus and chew this damp sock. I'll be back in 45 minutes."

I got bored within 2 minutes and discovered that as I walked across the room to get my phone, the Geiger Counter in the next room stared clicking louder. So I 'stealthily' took the following video.

I got busted just after I return to my bed, as there was a security camera watching me - and I got 'told off' by the nurses and was made to promise to delete it off my phone. I promised.

So, here is the YouTube video that I've now deleted off my phone.

Apologies for the finger in the way, I was trying to be spy-like.

Oh, you'll have to turn it up a bit, especially at the start, because i'm whispering like a spy.


Anonymous said...

You just want to get a proper telling off by the nurse!
This'll work.

I'm glad they're chopping out the spleen, I never liked it anyway. Worse thing about you. xx

Joel said...

That's crazy!

RC said...

Brilliant video.

Not quite sure why they wanted you to delete it other than a general paranoia about cameras.

When I had my CT scan I asked if I could photograph the machine and they said no. But then when I told them it was for a blog about leukaemia they were more than happy to help. Another win for the cancer card.

Anonymous said...

I was quite saddened to see this here as you promised me that you would delete it. I won't be so trusting next time.

With a bit of luck, I won't lose my job over this.

Nurse Tickle