Thursday, 4 March 2010


News just in:

I've just taken a call from Camp Chemo and they've ballsed-up the order for my chemotherapy drugs.

I cannot now have it until next Wednesday or Thursday, which should please a certain someone, as it means I can go to his wedding on Saturday.

I love administrative cock-ups.

*air punch*


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hasan_h said...


Viva La NHS!

Now it's a "wait and see" scenario with whether or not I'll show up....

lisijay said...

Just dropped in to say i view your blog at least twice a week. probably more this week as i am off sick from work at the mo with Asthma.

TeckyGirl said...

I had to comment...even though I'm late. I followed you on Twitter for a while but you dissapeared. Now I know why. You popped into my mind and I went looking. I just found your blog and am reading every word.