Tuesday, 2 March 2010

is there anybody there ? ...


I guess there's not a lot you can say to someone in my position.

"How are you feeling?"
"Are you getting used to treatment now?"
"When's your next treatment?"

And hence I notice that I get very few Comments for the amount of people that I suspect may read be reading.

So I would like a favour from you ... if you are reading this ... yes, YOU ... could you click the COMMENTS link below this blog entry and just say how often you drop by - you don't have to leave a name ... just something like '1st time here', 'drop by once a week to read all', 'don't read everything' ... just something so I get a guage on how many readers I have ... in fact, you don't have to say anything .. just an empty comment would show me that you're listening.

It's not an ego thing. Well, I don't think it is. I'm just curious.

Or so I've been told.

Oh, and to answer the above ... 'not bad', 'no' and 'too fucking soon'.



Gaynor Riopedre said...

Hi Spencer, Gaynor here from FoED days. Not sure if you remember me? Anyway - ok I confess... I've been reading but I haven't been in touch because, well, to be honest I just didn't know what to say.
I was so gutted when I first heard about your diagnosis and I'm so, so sorry - not that helps you much.
I love your honesty in your blog, so I say keep writing, especially if it helps you too! Thinking of you. Stay strong (apologies if that sounds glib). Best wishes, Gaynor

Joel said...

Get your updates delivered straight in to my RSS reader :) Keep writing, you're very good at it.

Take care, I'll be visiting again soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chicken/narcissist.

If I was technologically smart enough I would have figured out a way to be alerted to any updates.

Instead I stalk you and check everyday.

Wish I could pop round for a cuppa everyday instead, but you don't drink real tea and live too far away.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind, but I've laughed outloud a few times, and when people are around I show them - I will post one of their responses in a sec...

You about on Saturday morning? I am and have some tetley tea bags... xx

de la Mancha said...

Just followed the link from looptalk, your post inspired me to find out more and I'm glad I did, your blog should be compulsory reading. "cancer is mostly about puke, shit, sweat, tears and other 'hard to remove at thirty' stains" one sentence but it says it all, I'm moved to tears man. May the force be with you and help you beat this shit. dlM

Rosie said...

Hi Spencer
Your honesty inspires me...I read your blogs and sometimes I cry and sometimes I laugh. Sending you BIG hugs...wish I could do more to take your pain away. xx

Anonymous said...

Reading every word. How you manage to make me laugh out loud when you are living in chemo hell is beyond me.

fat mark! said...

Love you man, inspiring me all the time!
Love the laughs, the insight, and
hopefully you feel we are sharing a little
bit of your pain in spirit cos you're
in our hearts all the time.
I Check in most days, I have It saved
On my faves on phone.
As well as inspiring me with my life
I think this is going to be v
helpful to people facing or dealing
with cancer. If there was a SS
guide to a holiday destination, serious
illness or anything else I might encounter
on my journey I would want it
Cos you tell it how it is and can create
Laughter out of tears, that's special, and needed...
When you're completely recovered please
write a book including this blog!
God bless! m x

RC said...

I pop by daily to see how things are going. I'm in limbo now waiting for the day we do a test to see if my chemo has worked or not.

Keep at it, the pain is worth it.

hasan_h said...

I use an RSS feed on my iGoogle to ignore your blog.

If you're interested in stats and numbers - use this: http://feedjit.com/join/ or sign up for Google Analytics. I'm sure you know all that already - but FYI.

Ef'erty bye.

X4 Group said...

God you love attention don't you? ;o). Clearly I don't use RSS as I don't know how. If you could deliver all further updates by either telegram or pigeon, it would be much appreciated. Keep on trucking mate - I enjoy (in a dark and morbid way) the regular updates...Melton x

Laura said...

Hey Spencer, I normally check when you've put updates on Facebook, or just if I haven't checked for a few days. Always 'good' to see what's going on in Spencer Steel land...
Laura x

Simon said...

You know I read regularly because I knew that you had 11 comments on your "Please send me your comments" post before you did.

Love the honesty and all that but any chance you could shake it up a bit? A torrid love affair with a busty cancer nurse wouldn't go amiss, even if it was completely fictional. Whilst I appreciate that your sex drive has gone through the floor, the rest of us still have needs you know.

Simon said...

By the way...happy 7th birthday...awesome achievement.

I'm amused to note that there is at least one person here who knows Spencer from pre-AA days. At least one person who remembers the considerably-larger-jolly-drunk-but-also-a-bit-angry-and-scary-sometimes Spencer. In my day, this was all fields etc.

I have to say that I don't miss him much. I'd rather hang out with this other guy. Even when he's whinging that it's "Fucking freezing," having gone out in February, wearing nothing more than a tracksuit top, carrying <1% body fat, because it "Looked sunny."

Malcolm said...

Jim has been keeping me updated with your progress and also told me about your blog. We are all with you in spirit Spencer and to say that I admire your strength and openess for the way that you are tackling this whole situation is an understatement. My sister-in-laws father was diagnosed with the same cancer you are being treated for and he went through chemo the same as you. That was about 5 years ago and he is now clear......keep focused on this and do not give up. I know its easy for me to say that and I have no idea of the pain you are going through or perhaps I do after reading your graphical blog!
Hang in there Spence, keep up your strength (and humour) and we are all thinking of you and send our love.

Anonymous said...

Dave here from the IL forums. I stop by every few days.

Jen said...

Read it all the time,


Jules said...

I pop in when you've not been in for a few days, it's good to see how you're doing - guess it also saves you repeating it 1700 times a day :)

I hear you went to avatar again.. hope it's awesome as ever! Jules x

Meg said...

Better late than never right? :)

Love xx

Anonymous said...

i aim for every week, think you are the best writer and have laughed and cried through he whole journey with you.
keep your chin up, we are all with you.
love and sniffy hedgehogs x