Monday, 25 January 2010

"Side Effects" - mu-sick

Side Effects by DeleteAllContacts

OK, as promised ... here's the first draft of my jolly little tune about chemotherapy. It's still work in progress but I'm unlikely to get around to doing much more anytime soon.

Put on your headphones, turn it up and press 'play'



Simon said...


Like you said, sloppy. Dirty and nasty and very, very cool.

Not sure if there is a market for this kind of thing but you've pretty much got it cornered there. I'm going to take this opportunity to coin the word Chemocore©.

Unfortunately, it faded out to "Girls Just Wanna have Fun" playing on the radio.

I now feel entirely conflicted.

The Kemo Kid said...

Cheers Simon - Chemocore it is .. a new genre is born.

Rachel said...

Love it.