Thursday, 16 September 2010


Its a quick one, but I feel compelled to say Thank You for all the emails, Facebook msgs, txts and hugs that i've received in the last two days.

If I haven't replied, don't take it personally, each message has been read and thought over. It's a very bizarre situation, as it almost felt like some sort of triple birthday ... All kinds of people have wished me well and for a day or so there I felt the most popular person on the planet.

Keep in contact please. It helps. I've got a hell of a mental hurdle to overcome in the coming weeks and it's going to be you guys that give me the courage to face it.

I indulged in some retail therapy today. You save a little money for a rainy day and then realize it's fucking pouring outside, so I got myself a new iPad, which is a cool little device to say the least. It'll be perfect for hospital stays and even has music creation apps.

I will write more soon but this weekend I intend to get out as much as possible. I have tickets for the Man Utd v Liverpool game on Sunday and tomorrow there is a company get together, where I shall hope to take advantage of slightly drunk, teary-eyed girls.

There's gotta be a sympathy shag or two in this somehow.

Well, you did say "if there's anything I can do..."


TeckyGirl said...

I love this post. I hope you enjoy the new iPad and make all kinds of music. Don't forget to keep making it available for download. You get a special place on my mp3 player. Hope you share the dirty details of the weekend. Hugs to you. xoxo

Thomas B. said...

It seems your little grey cells are still working very well. Just like your sympathy cells :p