Tuesday, 17 August 2010

With friends like these ...

Ah, how sweet. Its nice to have friends who send me poignant gifts in the post.

Love you Simon ...

I LOL'ed hard.

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Thomas B. said...

Haha! You only got that because they know you'd have to laugh about it :p

Have you got any tunes released on a label btw?

The Kemo Kid said...

Hey Thomas ...

Yup - I've got some good mates who know my sense of humour.

In regard to the music, I'm touched that you think my music is good enough to be released ... but no, I wouldn't even know what label to approach.

I work on the basis that no-one will ever hear my music and therefore anything on top of that is a bonus :)


Simon said...

What that image really needs is a video to show your loyal readers that it FLASHES. Yes, guys and girls, not only is it sick and darkly funny, it's also tacky in a very cool way.

I must hold my hands up and say that I had a bit of help finding it. My cousins boyfriend Ben found it in a shop and said "Who on earth would want a keyring like this?" to which my immediate response was "I know just the man."

Besides, if you think that I need help for buying it, just think about the guy (let's face it, it's not a girl) that designed and produced it.

Thomas B. said...

But you DO know that Cancer is a sign of the Zodiac right :p ?

And concerning music on a label, there's so much internetlabels and whatnot, if the average producer wants a release, they'll get one.
But for me it's the same, all appreciation on youtube and stuff is nice to hear, but it's a hobby and I don't intend on changing that :-)

"Side Effects" is a pretty nice track though!

Btw, you must at least slightly like Blackadder right :D ?