Friday, 21 May 2010


I am home. Sitting in the silence after the chaos, tearful and exhausted.

I've been to hell and back at least twice but have survived and am now lying on my sofa listening to the silence and the birdsong.

There's lots to tell and some horrific images to show but I need time to rest, piece it together and turn it into something comprehensible.

Thank you all for the messages. Sorry I couldn't reply to them all.

Big hug ...

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Anonymous said...

Spence - a curious sequence of events has led me to discover this page on this particular day. "Get well soon" sounds feeble, but you know what I mean. After all these years - I'm glad you're still with us... Peter Sweasey

The Kemo Kid said...

Hey Peter ... you can get me on

spencer dot steel at gmail dot com

Get in touch.