Saturday, 20 February 2010

chemo 4

... or 2b, as I've been corrected.

Right ho .. a short post, you know how I am writing about chemo afterwards.

The PICC insertion was relatively painless, but you wouldn't think it to look at me. I was wriggling around like a lizard on a ... where is that analogy going?

You can see the end result from my previous picture post - a permanent line to just above my heart. Spooky.

The good, nay great news, is that all the chemo drugs were put through me with no pain whatsoever. I took the evil veinpain drug as quickly as it could be administered.

I was in such a good mood about this that after being picked up at the hospital at 2:00pm, rather than 5:30pm, that I went back to office before rapidly descending into a 'whitey' and puked in the office toilets.

The sickness was strong last night - I was physically sick three times and had a bad nights sleep, so normal service has been resumed, but I am still grateful for the PICC line, no matter if the end result is the same.

It's started leaking blood today and I think it's going to need cleaning more than the once a week it's been scheduled for, but it's still a medical miracle.

Overall, this is a big result ... I've been given different anti-sickness pills (*shrugs*) and I am awaiting the next phase of lethargy to kick in ... so I probably won't blog much for a few days, as it's all 'same shit, difference cycle' now, but if anyone suffers from veinpain and is offered a PICC line - it's a no-brainer.

Better get back to my deaf father, who has returned this morning to play the 'how loud does the TV go?' game.

Have a good weekend/week/life.

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